Hartman Hotel
Hartman Hotel
General Information
Location:Medina, Ohio
Notable Individuals:Unknown
Notable events:Hallowed in Ohio Wasteland culture as a haunted death trap
Current status:Intact

The Hartman Hotel is a five-story, derelict pre-War luxury hotel located in the center of Medina, Ohio. Rumors of the building being haunted, or inhabited by cannibals or deadly mutant creatures have been flying around Medina since the end of the War. Whether these legends are true or not does not change the fact that locals are deathly afraid of the hotel and advise every passing-by caravan or scavenger to walk on by and avoid it.

Pre-War History

Not much is known about the early background of the Hartman Hotel, as settlers are too scared to go inside and research. However, a small sign on the left end of the building states "established 2037," which is as far as most locals' knowledge of the building goes.

Wasteland History

Medina, like any other town in the U.S., sustained damage in the Great War. Dilapidation gave the Hartman Hotel a harrowing look. Myths about the hotel began to spring up at some point before the 2100s. Some peoples' fears of the building from the rumors were validated in mid-2120, when town leader Tobias Hastert went into the hotel one night and never came back. A local only known as "Murphy" went to look for Hastert the next morning and never returned either.

This frightened many locals and whacked the idea of staying away into their heads. On a Thursday afternoon in September 2144, a local scavenger climbed into the hotel from a second-floor window to try and prove that the legends were all nonsense. A crowd of settlers watched from outside as the scavenger came back with a suitcase and various junk found inside of the room he had climbed into. As he was about to get on to the ladder back down to the ground, the scavenger somehow disappeared in front of the crowd's eyes. Some reported seeing the scavenger being grabbed by multiple unrecognizable figures while some said he vanished into thin air. Whichever of these accounts is true will probably never be known, as the scavenger did not come out of the hotel again.

A handful of other foolhardy adventurers have tried to brave the Hartman Hotel ever since the scavenger incident, but none have come out successful and always end with the person never being seen again. For two hundred years, the first piece of advice travelers to Medina receive has always been "Stay away from the Hartman Hotel!"