Harvey Point
General Information
Location:Broken Banks, North Carolina

Harvey Point is a weapons stache and military base operated by the Albemarle Pact. Officially controlled by Elizabeth City, this building is vital to the defense of the Albemarle Sound, should it ever come under attack.


Founded during World War II as an anti-submarine countermeasure, Harvey Point was used until 2077 as a testing facility of weapons and equipment. It was also used as a training facility for the US Marine Corps. After 2077, the facility was abandoned and guarded by automated turrets. A few Mister Gutsy robots patrolled the area until being neutralized by scouts from Hawke, who claimed the area for its defensive capabilities. Within a few months of its acqui Currently, they are back online and assist fifteen men in patrolling Harvey Point.

Should the Albemarle Pact ever be attacked and an evacuation of Elizabeth City be forced, Harvey Point is the rendezvous point for Elizabeth City. From here, a counterattack could easily be staged to retake the city or drive away intruders.


Harvey Point is guarded by the Albemarle Pact. Taking many things would be considered theft and anyone caught taking the following items will be punished with lethal force if caught.

  • .44 scoped pistol
  • Assault rifles
  • Bottle Caps
  • Combat armor
  • Rations
  • Sniper rifle
  • Stealth Boy
  • Stimpacks

However, a caravan along what was once Harvey Point Road sells plenty of items (at a modest finder's fee), including:

  • .308 ammo
  • .44 ammo
  • Assault rifles
  • Combat armor
  • Pippy Cola