Orgone - "I Get Lifted"

Orgone - "I Get Lifted"

"Love, work, and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it."
―Wilhelm Reich
Heirs of Orgonon
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Group type:Science Cult
Leader Title:Director
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Goals:Understanding and utilization of Orgone energy for the betterment of mankind.
The Heirs of Orgonon pursue what was long held to be fringe science: Orgone, the intrinsic life-energy of the cosmos. They believe that this energy can be utilized in myriad ways ranging from the treatment of illnesses to weather control.


In the 20th century Wilhelm Reich, a contemporary of Sigmund Freud, extrapolated the concept of libido into a universal life force he called Orgone. Orgone was a counter-force to entropy connected to orgasm, and he believed constrictions of Orgone in the body led to disease. Reich had a number of ideas and experiments intended to utilize this energy, including the creation of a series of "Orgone Accumulators," which would draw in ambient Orgone energy to improve the health of those inside. His experiments were stopped by the FDA, who would eventually jail Reich and destroy many of his devices. He conducted much of his research out of his home in Maine which he called Orgonon.

Orgone was largely discredited and ignored until the years leading up to the war. The global energy crisis and the related global environmental crisis led to all avenues of research being pursued; including those previously dismissed as fringe. Though much of this research was conducted in more formal, secret facilities; a contingent of researchers worked out of Orgonon which had served as a museum up to that point. As the site was in a rural area in an already sparsely populated state, it survived the Great War completely intact.

The war provided the ultimate validation of Reich's theories, as the researchers were able to combat the effects of radiation poisoning by using Orgone Accumulators regularly when their supply of radiation drugs ran out. The staff at Orgonon formed a community and educated their children in the sciences as best as they could; especially orgone-related science. When the last of the Pre-War survivors died, the new generation called themselves the Heirs of Orgonon and continued their parents' work, in the hopes of healing the earth.

Reich Museum 2

The main house of Orgonon.

Activities & Interests

The Heirs research and assemble Orgone related technology, which is actually deceptively simple since these devices tend to be mechanically simple and require little to no electronic parts. Greater effort is spent attempting to get this technology to function. It was dismissed as fringe science in the 20th century, and the Heirs claim that the blasted nature of the wasteland makes it difficult to generate sufficient Orgone energy; the simplest way the heirs have devised is to stage orgies in plant-rich areas.

With an Orgone accumulator properly set up, the Heirs have claimed to have treated a number of maladies including cancer. Similarly, with their cloudbuster set and receiving sufficient, ambient Orgone; they've claimed to have been able to generate rain.


Reich cloud buster

The classic Cloudbuster.

The actual number of Heirs is quite small, but they usually have little trouble finding outside help when they need to generate Orgone. There are some twenty-five dedicated Neo-Reichians, plus assorted hangers-on and guards.

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