"Well Zeke, I'll tell ya what I'll do, since you been coming here all these years. You usually rent Agnew right, Well I'm sorry to say that Jen Peterson and her boy Emry came into town Tuesday and rented him, you know how it is, first come first serve. Well you remember that Phillie that Gladys birthed two years back? well Mary is ready for the yoke, so for only thirty caps more you can break in Mary and I'll even thrown in a steel plow, I know it's been dry lately."
―Steve in action
Henderson's Rentals
Henderson's Rentals
Organizational Information
Owned By:Steve Henderson
Incorporation Status:farm equipment rentals
Manager:Steve Henderson
Mission Statement:to lend mules and tools at friendly rates
General Information
Location(s):Heart Break, Nebraska
Historical Information
The result of a plague and a passing medicine man, Steve Henderson has been serving his community with affordable farm equipment rentals since. Possessing donkeys, plows, hoes, shovels and more, Henderson's Rentals is your one-stop shop.


Steve Henderson was a farmer from a long line on the outskirts of the ruins of Valentine, Nebraska. Such stability and constant effort on the part of his family brought prosperity, and the family posses several donkeys like other farmers in the area. They would be threatened in 2243 by a passing disease, however, killing the creatures in their pens. Steve Henderson was hosting a passing merchant at the time his mules fell ill, something the stranger offered to look at.

Selecting a small vial of liquid after a few minutes looking the creature over, he told Steve to pour it in the creatures water. Henderson followed his orders the next day and was relieved to see the beasts make a full recovery. His were the most fortunate creatures in the area, with most others perishing with the sickness. Seeing as how it was almost planting season, Henderson counted himself blessed and went on with his business. He would be bothered by a neighbor one day, however, offering to rent a donkey from him to plow his own field. Never one to turn down opportunity, Steve jumped at the chance, and would rent equipment ever since.

Activites and Interests

Henderson's concerns itself with maintaining and attaining the top-most quality farm equipment, be it plows, yokes or donkeys. Henderson is happy to rent to neighbors and friends, charging a low weekly rate. Payment is accepted in caps, ring-pulls, barter or promises of labor, as he trusts his community.



" I'm not doing for the money folks, if I didn't need to buy food for me and the animals I wouldn't charge a dime. but since we gotta eat, I gotta charge you."
―Steve, "reluctantly" to a group of prospective clients


"Non-brahmin beasts of burden you say? Perhaps I should pay this Henderson a visit some day."
General Custer hearing about Henderson's donkeys