General Information
Location:Broken Banks, North Carolina
Current status:Trading Post

Hertford is a town in the Broken Banks. It exists as a trading post to the west for Elizabeth City.


Inhabited largely by soldiers from Harvey Point and their families, Hertford is located close to the military base, making it a major location for civilians and soldiers alike from the Albemarle Pact. People on leave tend to frequent the watering hole, the Pourstill Service (previously a post office). In fact, one could say that Hertford is more important after the war than it ever was before the war, serving as the residential backbone of the Albemarle Pact's military on the Inner Banks front.

The town of Hertford has been largely abandoned by humans since the Great War. However, Hertford was home to a number of resources Elizabeth City used to repair damage to its facade over the years. In addition, it exists as a major trading post for Elizabeth City. Caravans frequently travel through Hertford from the West, often having passed through Devil and Heel territory, the Triad, or even farther.