"The hogs may stink, be rough and be loud, but they take care of any tax collectors. "
―Raul Leoran
Hog Pozos
Hog Pozos
General Information
Location:The Royal Dominion, Royal Protectorate of Tampico

A small ranch on the frontier of British territory, the Hog Pits is a small ranch that breeds Warthogs. Releasing them into the nearby landscape ensured a plentiful supply, and a handy disposal site.


The Hog Pits were first thought of as a passing jest at the dietary selections of Tampico, Which seemed to be missing pork. Raul Leoran, a Texan of Puerto-Rican descent, soon thought of the possible profit and asked around about pigs. He discovered a relative lack of the beasts, and would return to Texas in Early 2263 to buy some pigs and return. He would be swept up in several events, however, including a small range war, but would return the next year on a raft dangerously low with caged Warthogs.

Originally planning on setting up close to Tampico, Raul would find himself shutout by the local landowners and ranchers and would have to go farther away. To that end he spent the last of his money buying a wagon and supplies, carrying his unhappy passengers to the frontier of that time. He released the hogs when he arrived, jumping atop the wagon to avoid their tusks, and watched them run to a nearby gully.

After building a small shack and smoking shed from local stone, he set out to hunt one of the hogs. Raul would come upon the herd eating the body of a Jackalope, allowing him to line up his shot. After dragging the body back and smoking it, he prepared several bundles of it and set out to several shops over the next few weeks. He would manage to find some buyers, allowing him to return with crops and supplies. Since then he has managed a small garden plot, occasionally culling a hog from a now sizable herd and selling it.