"Every soldier fights for something, has something to justify something so ugly as taking another mans life. It's a lucky soldier that gets to die with that illusion still in his head. Me? I'm not so lucky. So why do I still draw iron you ask?... When you've lost everything else, killings all an old dog like me has."
―Horus B. Gamble
A grizzled old gunslinger walking the wastes, a ghost of the battlefields of the Oregon wilderness and places beyond, Horus B. Gamble is a mercenary and gunslinger the likes of which few encounter.



Horus B. Gamble was the only child of a pair of Boneyard prospectors, and grew up in the Boneyard. His life was not an easy one, constantly delving into dangerous ruins with his father and mother since he could walk, but it would be remembered by Horus as some of the best years of his life. His parents were both nomads by nature, never staying in one place long and never interested in joining any of the small communities they traded their wares with. Horus learned to be quite independent, and was well versed in gunplay by the age of sixteen. He had killed his first man at the age of seventeen in self-defense when raiders from the Rippers gang attempted to kill and rob his parents. His father was killed in the altercation, and Horus vowed revenge. However, his path to vengeance was to be a short one, as he was unwittingly shadowed by his uncle, Charles Gamble, a retired NCR Ranger. Charles had received the news of his brother's demise from his widow, who begged him to save Horus from a similar fate. Charles would follow Horus, and, when the time came, avenged his father for him.

As his uncle leads Horus back to the arms of his mother, he lectured the youth on what it meant to kill a man, and that he should live a life as free of violence as possible. His uncle told him of the evils of war, and how, in this day and age, men who could solve problems without violence were truly the greatest men of all. Horus however, was unshakeably inspired. From that day on, Horus longed to become a Ranger like his uncle, to help people and punish the wicked with high caliber justice. Horus would enlist in the NCR Armed Forces at age seventeen, leaving his mother in the care of his aging uncle.

Training and Assignment

Horus went into the NCR Military to become a Ranger, and become a Ranger he did. He suffered through the grueling, brutal training. He studied with almost machine-like precision every weapon, tactic, and technique that was required of him and beyond. His fellow cadets thought of him as aloof and a driven individual, only taking time to eat and sleep before going right back to training. He eventually graduated top of his class and was immediately pressed into service. He cycled through a few uneventful posts across the NCR until he finally was assigned to the famous Taskforce Nomad.

Proud to Serve

Horus was at first thought of as the group's "new guy" and learned very quickly that his post had to be earned in the eyes of his comrades and commander, Captian Jakob Stern. His first chance to distinguish himself came

Skills and Abilities




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