The Hustledbones were an Arizonan tribe who thrived around post-Legion Pheonix. They were a ravenous and boastful tribe, who artisanally shaped the bones of their enemies into apparel.

Tribal History

The Tribe of the Hustledbones was formed from a town in Arizona. After the war certain -conflict rule- left and explored Arizona. A group of people established a town in Arizona. After a year, the town was completely destroyed by Super Mutants the occupants left. Blaming the Atheists for the purge, the Catholics executed them and forged weapons from their bones. They established a settlement and devoted themselves to cleansing God's world. Raiding all Local tribes and forcing them to join the tribe or die. After many years of being on top, they were forced into the Legion.

Social Structure

The Hustledbones mainly base themselves in equality but there are main social levels. Priests, warriors, and peasants and the Chief are the classifications. The priests have never seen war and are the teachers of the Bible. They also read the books of Broken Sternum. The Warriors are the soldiers of the tribe and are the most powerful. The Peasants are the workers and farmers, providing food. The chief is the leader of the tribe.


The Warriors of the tribe are enlisted into the Military. Anyone can join as long as they are fit and ready. The warriors are then ranked by how many human bones they have on their armor. Completed skeletons are shown as Generals and take years to get.


The Chief was first chosen as the best warrior, after that the son of the chief took the lead. The Chief leads the Warriors into battle and decides whom to war against. He is also present at the baptism of the children.

Notable Members

  • Christian Roy once inexplicably went from a tribal captive to be elected to be a prospective member to be initiated before he escaped. It's unknown how the tribe took this development.
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