"Grow through, what you go through" -Jack
From a small settlement west of Arkansas, Jack Trellis stands in the way of many villians. He works as a Sheriff of the settlement "Harmsworth". Jack has a strong sense of justice and is willing to help anyone in need.



Jack was born to a Wastelander, Andrew Trellis, and his Doctor wife, Lilania, in the year 2233. He had a twin sister, Willow Trellis, they were both inseparable. When they became old enough, Jack and Willow were taught by there parents in various skill areas. Willow became a Doctor, while Jack was trained by his dad to hold and fire a gun, even at a young age, Jack was an adventurous spirit and would venture out in the wastelands to quench his thirst for adventure.

During his later teen years, Jack became a Gun-for-Hire in for a settlement, protecting caravans, putting down various threats the other mercs were too busy to deal with.

By the age of 24, his sister disappeared during her normal medic routine. Jack was heartbroken, to say the least, and left to travel the world and find work elsewhere.

This led him to be recruited as a caravan guard of "Vipir's Junk" Caravan that traveled back and forth from Texas and Arkansas. He had to spend a few months with the caravan before it was attacked by raiders and wrecked on the road on the North East of Texas. Being the sole survivor of the caravan, Jack decided to start a life in Texas, but he little of what would come of it.