Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers soundtrack - St

Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers soundtrack - St. Louis Cathedral

Archdiocese of New Orleans
General Information
Location:The Big Easy, Louisiana
Notable Individuals:
Factions:The Royaume
Notable events:Unknown
Current status:Providing alms and sanctuary.

An enclave of holiness and restraint in the midst of the depravity of Vieux Carré, Jacksonia is a fortress of Christendom based out of the venerable St. Louis Cathedral and the surrounding Jackson Square.


St. Louis Cathedral by Ron White (Jacksonia)

Saint Louis Cathedral pre-War

The atmosphere of Jacksonia is very conservative and restrained. The only pieces of music are hymns and Gregorian chants, only rarely punctuated with the solemn pipe organ. Traditional Catholic masses are conducted in English, French, Creole, or even Latin. All-in-all, the church functions as close to its Pre-War self as possible without the support structure of the global church. The challenges of the apocalypse have proven a challenge to the church, however, and it does not provide sanctuary to as many people as its inhabitants might wish to and there is some conflict over the spiritual nature of overt mutants.


Jacksonia is not self-sufficient as its available space for agriculture is quite limited. It depends on donations from the faithful, as well as being subsidized by the aristocrats of The Royaume. There is otherwise no appreciable business conducted in Jacksonia. Its residents provide what help they can for food and shelter and the community's leadership coordinates charitable efforts as part of their everlasting campaign of good works.


Monsignor Paschal Adrieux

Monsignor Paschal Adrieux

Though it has had no contact with the mother church since the Great War, the Archdiocese has taken it upon itself to continue as best as possible. To this end, the priests elect one of their own to be the Archbishop. Since 2256, the Archbishop has been Monsignor Paschal Adrieux; who also acts as the secular leader of the Jacksonia community. Though the Archbishop generally has the final say in all matters, he tries to govern by consensus.


Jacksonia consists of the St. Louis cathedral complex and the adjacent park of Jackson Square. To the southeast are the waters of the canal, and Vieux Carré surrounds it on all other sides. A small tent city sprung up in Jackson Square many years ago when the work of the Architects rendered it dry enough to be possible. Over the years, this tent city has turned into a fairly neat shanty town of permanent shacks. The Archdiocese resides in the cathedral along with many it cares for.

The Big Easy