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Jacob Leary is a simply man who gets around looking for new adventures.  

Date of birth: 2251
Date of death: Unknown
Age: 30 as of 2281
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 inches
Mass: 167 lbs
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Occupation: Explorer, Part Time Mercenary
Status: Alive, traveling across U.S.

Early Life 


Jacob was born in New Minneapolis, a city founded in 2190 by tribal people in the area who settled there. Jacob's father was a guard in the city and Jacob's mother was the rancher of the Brahmin. With Jacob having parents like his, he always felt the need to help those in need and found he loved to wander around the city for hours. 

Teenage Years 

When Jacob had reached his teens, his thirst for unending adventure would often have him sneaking outside the city walls to walk around, this is where he first discovered the brutality and unforgiveness of the world of today. Jacob started to get into arguments with his parents for him sneaking out the walls and how he could potentially get killed, Jacob told his parents that he does try to control it, but his curiosity and wanting for exploration always gets the better of him. On one day, Jacob returned to New Minneapolis to find it partially on fire and hearing gunfire. Jacob rushed in and found that the city was under attack by raiders. Jacob found his father who gave him a pistol to help fend them off. Jacob succeeded in helping, but wasn't too keen on killing people. After the city was saved, Jacob and his father found Jacob's mother dead, this caused the both of them to struggle with getting the caps and food needed to survive without the extra help. 

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