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Jacob Richards
Date of birth:Unknown
Date of death:N/A
Occupation:Deputy commandant of the New Ghosts

Jacob Richards' life before he joined the NY Ghosts is shrouded in mystery only Henry Miller knows of his life before he joined the ghosts during the first subway war he was in the same squad with Henry miller and fought the Cabal and their mutants. He also participated in and the final push against the Cabal in 2555. After the war, Jacob Richards enjoyed 20 years of peace along with the other ghost. Even though sometimes there were clashes with mutants, it was rather peaceful. Later, Jacob was involved in the war with the Enclave where he was critically injured. He had to sit out the rest of the war eventually. Jacob healed when the ghosts were stuck on what to do next. He agreed with Miller that the Ghosts had to move on to new land. Jacob moved west with many other Ghosts, preparing for what this journey will lead them to.