Juarez Farmstead
Juarez Farmstead
General Information
Location:Permian Basin, Texas
Notable Individuals:
Notable events:Unknown
Current status:Functioning caravan stop and farm

A small farm and ranch before the war, it now plays host to travelers and merchants from around the region, in addition to it's goats. Providing food and lodging, they have at least one guest a night.


The house of the farm was originally built by Spanish settlers moving north from New Spain in 1614. They worked the land for centuries, eventually finding themselves citizens of Mexico, Texas and finally The United States of America. Despite the change in flags, there was little actual change until the day of the Great War. Not only were they greeted by mushroom clouds on the horizon, but the family patriarch, Samuel found an unconscious man and brought him to his barn. The fellow was very weak, barely surviving a car crash and laying out in the sun before Samuel came upon him.

He recovered a few weeks later and began to contribute around the farm, befriending the family. Eric would leave nine years later to check out the town of Fort Stockton, where an emergency broadcast had started up. He was gone for a month before returning with severe burns on his body. Shortly after this the farm would become known a rest-stop to merchants in the area. The first caravan was housed and fed in the barn, where every subsequent visitor would be housed.

They had steady traffic and made a decent profit, until one night in 2132. A small group of bandits attacked around mid-night, intending to burn and rob the farm. They were spotted after lighting the barn ablaze by Eric, who was quickly pinned down by gunfire from the group.

The ghoul would be saved by the son of the current patriarch, and the farm would continue on for the next 15 years until smallpox killed the Juarez'. Eric would continue to operate the farm, his physiology and pre-war shots enough to spare him, until 2186. This is when the last Juarez returned to the farm, pregnant wife in tow. They were greeted warmly by the ghoul, who quickly turned over operations to the returned son.

From then on, the farmstead would remain a popular stop, with each subsequent generation improving it slightly.


The farmhouse and most of the property is the same way it looked when first settled, but the barn is undergoing renovations. Being expanded and repainted, they currently offer free room to those who help with the construction. Eric Haganey, since returning from Mexico in 2280, has re-taken his previous role as a farm-hand and protector, though with an armed caravan there most nights, he sees little trouble.