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Date of birth:2250
Date of death:N/A
Status:Trying to peacefully get the tribes to join the legion.

The man known as Julian grew up in a small family of the Jagged Owls tribe. Growing up the tribal leaders tasked him with being a hunter and ambushing legion patrols. He did his job well until 2272 when his tribe was absorbed into the Legion. He was personally trained by Legate Jigatahi as the Legate feels the boy is destined for great things and will be a future champion of the god Mars. Currently Julian is fighting in the watershed trying to peacefully get the tribes to join the Legion, but Julian is fanatically loyal to the legion and a devout follower of the Legion's religion. Julian also participated in the conquest of cunning leaves tribe Julian spent mot of his time fighting tribals while Legate Jigathi was on a warpath to kill the infamous raider Hunger. While the Legate was away, he also studied pre-War history and learned. Julian was at the camp golden rivers when Jigathi Returned and greeted him warmly later on his life julian was assigned to stay in the watershed to conquer the remaining tribes when Jigathi left to fight the ghouls julian Fought the tribals and got to know many of the soldiers which where under his command. Other than that, Julian is a nice but stern man, serious at times cool at others. Julian knows the right time to be serious and to fool around.