General Information
Location:New Jersey

Junkport is a small community based in the ruins of the Elizabeth-Newark Marine Terminal, a Pre-War hub of marine shipping in New Jersey. The town was built in and on the large shipping containers that the facility received and stored. As a result, the town is a major source of scrap metal and Pre-War items that were in the facility before the bombs fell. Brick City, a major city in the region and not very far from Junkport, is the main destination for most of the material, but smaller quantities are sent elsewhere, to other locations in New Jersey and New York, and even north to Connecticut, south to Delaware, and west to Pennsylvania.

Brian Galloway is the de facto mayor of the settlement, his grandfather having first settled the area in 2130. After people had begun pointing fingers at a small group of humans that had been calling for more representation in the Newark Ghoul Republic after a terror attack took place, the elder Galloway moved his family and a handful of close friends out of the settlement, fearing reprisals. They settled in the Elizabeth-Newark Marine Terminal, as it was a defensible position, far away enough from Brick City to be left alone, and yet close enough to still be able to conduct business. Over the years, the settlement’s population grew as the Galloways accepted others into the Junkport community. Today, the population numbers just under 100, though it certainly has the potential to grow. The residents of the settlement are discerning in who they allow to settle in their community, resulting in the population staying relatively static.

The people of Junkport live hard, rough lives, but their constant work generally has been rewarded with security- an element of life that is often hard to come by in Post-War America. Recently, however, unknown creatures have begun to terrorize settlers exploring the more rural, uncharted areas of the marine terminal ruins. Not feral ghouls nor deathclaws, the unknown creatures have claimed a handful of lives over the past few years, with sightings and attacks increasing in frequency.

The junk trade is the lifeblood of the community and the people who live there, and as a result, they have a love-and-hate relationship with Garden State Shipping and with importers from Brick City. While the men and women of Junkport need those groups but are regularly at odds with their attempts to manipulate market prices or cut into their profits.

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