King Kenny
King Kenny
Date of birth:2255
Occupation:Leader of Bone Soldiers/Leader of Thrilladelphia

Kenny Smith- known better as King Kenny- is the leader of the Bone Soldiers and the sovereign of Thrilladelphia.


Personality & Appearance

King Kenny is vain, and goes to great lengths to ensure that he appears, as he likes to call it “a badass.” He never appears in public without leather biker boots, black leather gloves, a long black leather jacket, and a pair of aviator glasses. He spends a great deal of time on making sure his hair is perfectly styled and his facial hair perfectly groomed.

Kenny takes advantage of his position as leader of the Bone Soldiers and ruler of Thriladelphia, and as such, he is almost always engaging in hedonistic pursuits, from alcohol and chems to women and gambling. He is sadistic and takes joy from seeing others squirm. Because of his psychopathic tendencies, his sadism has manifested in Thrilladelphia’s gladiatorial arena.


Kenny is a charismatic individual. He is a gifted speaker, and has leaned on this talent considerably over the years, talking his way out of all kinds of trouble over the years. When his mouth is not enough to fix his problems, he does not hesitate to jump into action. Kenny is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, skills gained and honed from years and years living in the lawless ruins of Cam’s Den and Thrilladelphia. Since joining up with the Bone Soldiers, Kenny has become proficient with various forms of firearms, but he prefers using weapons that let him get up close and personal.


Kenny Smith
Outside of his mundane clothing and equipment,

Kenny has become fond of the broom that he used to kill AJ Prince, and carries the cleaning tool around with him like a staff. “The Cleaner,” as he calls it, has not been modified in any way, though he has occasionally fooled around with the idea of wrapping barbed wire around it- much like swatters- do add some extra pain and punishment to those he chooses to unleash his wrath on.