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Robots Don't Lie

Killem Field
Killem Field
General Information
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Notable events:Unknown
Current status:Extremely hazardous.

Killeen and Fort Hood Texas garnered special attention during the last Great War. For reasons now lost, perhaps never fully understood to begin with, it was bombed and bombed and bombed. A city was turned to rubble, rubble into a fine powder, and powder into cracked, black glass. Yet whatever it was the unknown enemy wanted to kill or destroy, perhaps they failed; because Killem Field alights each night with terrible power.

By day Killem Field is an expanse of jagged glass, broken occasionally by a particularly hardy ruin such as the cornerstone of a hardened building. It is intensely radioactive, and entering with any less protection than a dose of Rad-X and a radiation suit is paramount to suicide. Even with those precautions, the area seems to project radio waves that most lifeforms convert into heat, causing radiation burns; necessitating the use of Tesla Power Armor. By night the field is no less radioactive but the cracks in the glass radiate intense, blue light and the area becomes subject to intense lightning storms that can be seen and heard from miles away.

The field is littered with blackened skeletons fused to the ground, misshapen patties that used to be objects of metal and plastic. Ashen dust devils dance across its expanse. Sometimes during the day, strange sounds seem to come from underground, though they can only be heard near the largest cracks in the surface; these sounds are completely drowned out in the nightly storms. The field is ten miles wide, east to west and varies in its length north-to-south; from just a few dozen yards at its tips to several miles across the center.

Those versed in what was the bleeding edge of Pre-War science have various theories as to the nature of what lay under the field; such as a hub of quantum computers built to access the Akashic records, a massive kinetic generator powered by ambient molecular motion, a wireless transmitter drawing from the magnetosphere, or an overloaded cold fusion generator that is avoiding catastrophic meltdown by venting positive ions into the atmosphere. As nobody has yet breached the field or successfully tunneled underneath it; the truth may never be known.

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