La Barriada Roto
General Information
Location:Distrito Capital, Tamaulipas
Population:At one point 70, now 1-2
Notable Individuals:N/A
Notable events:The Building's Collapse
Current status:A haunted abandoned ruin.

The collapsed ruins of a slum destroyed during the fighting in Distrito Capital. Once a safe haven for those in looking to avoid being killed in the crossfires of Ciudad Victoria, it has since been destroyed by the various forces that have fought around it, killing all its inhabitants and collapsing the structure.



In the pre-war days, the building was a government built and run tenement that housed those citizens that had fallen on hard times and were in need of a place to live until they could get back on their feet. However, the tenement quickly became a hideout for all kinds of trash as it became a hub of gang and drug activity in the area, with most of its inhabitants squandering their welfare money to buy firearms, and to fund drug operations. As to be expected the place was frequented by local Police.


The building was hit hard by the Great War, with most of the building's windows being shattered when the blast wave from the nuclear weapons hit it, and many of the buildings supports were weakened. However people continued to inhabit it and as the District Capital slowly sank into violent, chaos the place became a sort of refuge. However, this all ended in 2251 when a series of gunfights between a couple street gangs managed to weaken the building to the point where it collapsed, killing all that were within it. Ever since then, the ruins have been picked over by prospectors and other scavengers, usually with most coming away with a small bag of caps they found underneath a collapsed wall or a wedding ring they cut off a corpse. However most tend to avoid the ruins due to the strong smell of death that emanates from the rubble.

Layout & Information

Essentially the Barriada is a collapsed building, some of the old floors can still be made out among the rubble but for the most part the place is just a massive pile of rubble, occasioned by the amoral scavenger or by a small time gang looking to get out of the way of the bullets. To this end, the rubble serves as an excellent hideout for gangsters and other lowlifes on account that most folk won't enter the ruins due to them believing the place is haunted by the restless souls of those who died there.

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