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La Batalla de Comancheros Cavernas
La Batalla de Comancheros Cavernas
Political Information
Societal Information
Location(s):Baja California, Mexico
Historical Information
Founded:May 20th, 2253
Dissolved:May 21th, 2253
Policy Information
Goals:To eliminate Delgato de Santa as a threat.
Enemies:Delgato de Santa
La Batalla de Comancheros Cavernas was the concluding event in Jenkinston's struggle against Delgato de Santa's Impressive Cartel, also known as Delgato's War. The battle was a twelve-hour firefight between the Jenkinston militia and Delgato's cholos in and around the town and caves to the southwest.



Gian Maria Volonté 2

Delgato addressing his men outside Comancheros' Cavernas

Jenkinston first piqued Delgato de Santa's interest in 2252. De Santa wanted a seat for the throne of his negrero empire. After the fort had refused to abandon he moved to raiding caravans, then the neighboring farms, then the town itself by 2253. By May, Delgato had set up a camp in what would later be called Comancheros Cavernas and personally led the assaults on the town. May 19th Davíd repelled Delgato's attack and sent a scout to follow Delgato to his hideout.


"¡You'd a done it now Davíd! ¡Everyone... inside your walls are dead! ¿¡Me escuchas, Davíd!? ¡Dead!"
―Delgato's famous last words before la Batalla de Comancheros Cavernas
Jenkinston Walls

Jenkinston's 12' high concrete walls.

The following night, the 20th, Delgato returned with 112 men and uttered his famous last words. Davíd has men ready and the negreros walked right into Jenkinston's new minefield. Davíd then initiated the counter-attack and decimated the cartel forces. A heavy firefight ensued for fifteen or so minutes. Delgato tried to salvage the situation by fire-bombing the farms to cover his men's retreat.

Jenkinston's mayor gathered his Mexican Militia Exiles and followed Dios de Negrero to his hideout to which Delgato's men defended angrily. The fighting was heavy outside and inside the caves. The mayor managed to chase Delgato himself into the very heart of the cave where the duo dueled with pistols like cowboys. After a night of fighting most the cartel had fled, Jenkinston's militia suffered thirty-one dead and twelve wounded who recovered. Epically, Davíd Jenkinston and Delgato de Santa killed each other and a strange black circle appeared burnt around them in the dirt.

The following is according to legend. Satan lived in the heart of the cave and awoke from his sleep to see Delgato and Davíd circling each other. In a ring a fire El Diablo laughed and taunted as the two circled and shot at each other. Neither would die, and the Devil got so impatient he snatched both their souls and dragged them to hell, leaving a scorched circle where they dueled.


Impresionante Cartel de Delgato de Santa survivors

Impresionante Cartel de Delgato de Santa survivors.

Following the battle, the mayor was buried with the other thirty dead militiamen in a cemetery constructed north of the town. Delgato was beheaded and mounted on an arch bridge in Jenkinston Plaza, his skull remains there. The town fell on hard times without a leader and Impresionante Cartel de Delgato de Santa disbanded after the power struggle for leadership.