La Pandilla de Cortina
La Pandilla de Cortina
Political Information
Type of Government:gang heirarchy
Leader Title:Lieutenant
Leader:Emil Cortina
Motto:"For the people!"
Societal Information
Headquarters:Solomon's Basin, Tamaulipas
Location(s):Cattle Country
Bandits:approx. 130
Historical Information
Founded by:Emil Cortina
Policy Information
Allies:To spread the wealth, among themselves.
Enemies:La Ciudadela, The Fighting 33rd, True Patriots, Bureau of Range Security and Regulation
The Cortina Gang started off as nothing more than a few deserters from the People's Legion trying to earn some quick money holding up local stores in the Cattle Country and grew to become a real threat to the Cattle Barons within the country. With their humble leader Emil Cortina at the head they forged a criminal empire, everything from Racketeering to Cattle Rustling even gun running, these boys have their noses in just about every major crime out there.


Many soldiers no matter how devoted to their cause has their breaking point, for Emil Cortina that came in the form of the battle of Bradley's Stand. Ordered by his commanding officers to execute a group of captured Badlander mercenaries, he at first refused saying that it would be much more beneficial to convert the men to their cause, make them loyal communists but his commander cared little for ideology. Years of constant combat, never ending failures and just the tears that the bloody stalemate between La Ciudadela and la Legion de la Gente caused upon his mental state had turned the once devoted man into a jaded, and heartless husk of a man. He held Emil at gun point demanding that the young lieutenant carry out the order, without a choice he gave the order and his soldiers killed the Badlanders.

For Emil a very proper person with a strong sense of right and wrong he looked upon this act of barbarity as a sin that the organization he once thought would bring peace and equality to Tamaulipas had sunk to the level of La Ciudadela. It hadn't been a week before he was planning to desert from the People's Legion along with his men, most of whom were also disillusioned. They planned to leave with their weapons and supplies the next day at midnight, when that time came around they all formed up with their equipment and ran off into th wasteland. They had only been going for a few days when they realised that their supplies weren't gonna last for too much longer. It wasn't long before it became clear they would have to go to extreme means to get what they needed and thus they donned some hoods and entered a local general store, while two men held the clerk at gunpoint another two of the men went through the store empting the stores shelves into burlap sacks. They left the store with all they needed and more, leaving a ruined business and a shattered livlihood behind. 

As they dug into their catch out in the boonies they soon realised that there were simply some things that they had taken that they had no use for, ammo and food could be used but the camping equipment, spare weapons repair kits and even the drugs they had swiped really had no purpose with them. Emil quickly decided to sell the spare supplies ans equipment, going from ranch to ranch, isolated house to isolated house selling the spare stuff to the poor farmers and ranchers. They soon made a heap of cash and Emil decided that this could be a useful venture, post-apocalyptic Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich Cattle barons of the Cattle Country and giving it to the poor ranchers, farmers and laborers of the Border Country. It all seemed so romantic, until they realised just how profitable crime can be.

It started as just stealing a few longhorns from the barons or holding up a tobacco shipment from some wealthy planters, selling the crops and cattle on the black market and giving all to the poor, only keeping what they needed to keep up their operation. However it grew, from just some cows to whole herds of them, from just one or two wagons of cash crops they'd be stealing the whole crop, costing the planters a small fortune with each robbery. It wasn't long before the men in charge of keeping the peace around in the Cattle Country began to take notice of their actions, bounties were placed and soon posses of angry cattlemen (some not even among the rich cattle barons) began to search the countryside in search of Emil and his gang. Meanwhile the Cortina or Cortinistas as they were known began to collect new members, thieves, rustlers, killers and mercenaries soon began to join up with the gang, becoming loyal members. And with these new members disappeared the mission they had set out to do, the only people being served were themselves.

They soon ruled the countryside in the Cattle Country, one couldn't go a mile out of towns in the southern half of the cattle country without running the risk of an ambush or being attacked by members of the gang. It was for this reason that the Bureau of Range Security and Regulation, its resources stretched thin already decided to ask the Valle Hermoso Rangers and the San Fernando Anti-Cattle Rustling Committee to help them in an operation to put down the gang once and for all. They planned an ambush, in which they'd draw the gang into the town using a train loaded with beeves and ambush them as they attempted to rob the train.

The train loaded with beeves (and heavily armed Bureau men) in the small town of Terrence. The train sat at the station taking on coal and water for its boiler. The engineer wne t up and down the train feeding the beeves and all seemed to be normal. Suddenly from the hills came the blare of a bugle and suddenly there were soldiers racing from out of cover. The bonditos of the Cortina gang were upon the train in seconds, as the siezed the conductor and engineer, along with the engine as a whole, Cortina thinking he had made the catch of a life time was suprised when he heard the chatter of gunfire. The heavily armed Bureau men within the train opened up on the banditos, causing frightful casualties and driving them into the town itself, there the Fernando Committee members, Rangers, more Bureau men and the local sheriff and his deputies helped ambush the banditos, killing dozens of them in the opening volley. After a frightful gun battle that left dozens dead, from bureau men and other lawmen to banditos to the unlucky civilians caught in the middle Emil and his remaining men managed to flee the town headed south. Happy that they had driven the banditos away the lawmen celebrated.

Meanwhile down south Emil and his remaining men settled in The Saltlands looking to restart their criminal empires they met a gruesome demise at the hands of the army of the Ganadero republic; the Union Free State.


Emil and his men besides cattle rustling and stealing goods, had a fruitful racketeering ring going on under their command, whole towns would pay massive amounts of money in order to have their town protected from roving bands of raiders (mostly funded by the Cortina Gang). To add they had a powerful claim in the drug production and sales market, running guns down from sellers up north to buyers down in Ciudad Victoria, even the local horse races weren't safe from their corruption as races were fixed to the point where no horse beyond the one owned by the gang had any chance of winning, and if by some miracle another horse managed to win the race was calle off and the horse along with its owner were killed.


The gang was once under the assumption that all that they take whether from the rich cattle barons or the powerful planters of the Cattle Country a peice of their loot should go to the people. The poor, hard working and mostly subjugated ranchers and farmers of the vast praire that is the Cattle Country had very little going for them and with constant extortion from the barons and little help in the way of law enforcement from the Bureau or any other law enforcement organization they trly were the down trodden proles that Marx had talked so much about. However as their success grew and the need to keep the new, more selfish members interested in staying with the group Emil began to give less to the people and more to themselves to the point where donations to the poor farmers were next to non-existent.

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