La Serpiente de Bronce
La Serpiente de Bronce
Organizational Information
Owned By:Horatio Monetro
Incorporation Status:Cantina/inn
Manager:Horatio Monetro
General Information
Location(s):Hueruvo Nache, The Papal States, Tamaulipas
Historical Information
A dim and plain looking cantina, the Serpent is well known in select circles, mostly as a place to drop off hot goods, or lay low for a while. Originally a well-to-do hotel, subsequent transfers have left it a den of criminals.


The Bronze Serpent was the lifelong dream of Oscar Otera, a caravanner who saved two decades of wages to afford the price of a land grant from the Duque of Hueruvo Nache. He bought a former apartment building on the edge of the town, and hired a few locals to clear it out. Within a year, it was retrofitted and ready for business. The first few years were good, with traders and their guards staying there often, along with visitors and pilgrims. Business would slump in the mid-2180s, forcing Otera to seek a loan. The merchant bank refused to back him, and the Duque had no interest in cantinas, leaving only 'private' lenders. Otera found himself in debt to 'Cardinal' Enrique, a Comanchero Jefe rumored to be backed by several individuals in the Vatican. Otera would try to pay it off, but would die in debt, transferring the Serpent to Enrique in 2199.

Enrique would use it as the newest front for his prostitution ring, operating it as a brothel until rivals bombed it in 2203. Rebuilding the rooms, he decided to make several changes in the layout of the barroom, creating a small VIP area. From here he would personally watch everyone who came in the door, until his assassin would in 2207. Sent by Raul Texoca, the killer shot Enrique three times before she too was shot down. Moving in soon after Enrique was dragged out, Texoca would take control of the Serpent and turn it into a clubhouse for his men. The serpent would again change roles in 2230, when Texoca died and left his organization to 'Freddy' Mulhos. Mulhos had the building restored to a cantina for travlers, and moved all illegal activities to other locations.

Mulhos would own the Serpent for three decades before losing it in a cardgame to Horatio Monetro, a small-time smuggler. Jumping at the prospects, Montero let it be known that he would watch people's goods, causing his associates to send goods and loads to be stashed in the basement. He continued to allow travelers to stay in the Serpent, charging low rents to those passing through.


The Serpent offers a full-service bar and restaurant that never closes, a reflection of the around-the-clock nature of the town. Rooms are rented by the week with monthly options usually available. For those seeking some security, the basement doubles as a storage space, with dozens of packages currently occupying it.