Lake Don Julio
Lake Don Julio
General Information
Location:Distrito Capital, Tamaulipas
Population:approx. 214
Notable Individuals:Tyler Haymans
Factions:Lake Don Julio Sheriff's Department, Council of Incorporated Communities
Notable events:Lake Don Julio Brush War
Current status:Fertile and Thriving.

A large lake set in Tamaulipas, mostly free of radiation its waters has created a fertile landscape along its shores. There small farming communities have sprung up, the communities and homestead that surround the lake now supply a large amount of the fresh produce to those who are willing to trade for it.


The history of Lake Don Julio stretches back to when the area was used as a resort and fishing spot by the locals. However, not much else can be said of note about the lake until after the Great War's completion when travelers began to use the lake as a place to refill their canteens and water their animals. The water from the lake at first was toxic and would usually kill anyone or anything that would drink it, yet over the years the radiation faded and soon the water was safe enough to drink and grow plants with. Thus the whole shoreline began to sprout up with small farming and ranching towns as the shoreline began to turn green with crops. All these communities eventually out of a need for protection and to facilitate cooperation between the various towns a council was formed with a prominent rancher named Tyler Haymans at its helm. Today the council helps protect and coordinate the efforts of the various towns and villages along the shore of the lake, along with cooperating with the Sheriff's Department.

Government and Protection

The various towns and homesteads surrounding the Lake are ruled by whomever they elect, but all the towns and communities go to the council to settle issues, disputes and to make major decisions. However the lake and the people who live on it are protected by the Lake Don Julio Sheriff's Department, these tough lawmen are in charge of keeping the area around Lake Don Julio safe and free of raiders. However, only number 52 lightly armed sheriff's and deputies they can only hold off so much, thus there is a slush fund that has been created by the council that in a cinch they can hire some mercenaries.


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