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Latter Day Saints of the Apocalypse
Political Information
Type of Government:priesthood
Group type:hierarchical
Leader Title:President
Leader:Rick R. Nelson
Motto:"faith and service"
Societal Information
Headquarters:Temple Square
Location(s):Temples in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and other Temples with in the former USA
Historical Information
Founded:April, 6, 1830
Founded by:Joseph Smith
Policy Information
Goals:to lead people to Christ
Allies:the Mormon Church
Enemies:all who despise the church and want to kill it
Status:rebuilding the Churchs in Salt Lake City

The Latter Day Saints of the Apocalypse is a guard group of the LDS Church and operate in the ruins of their Temples and are barely found outside the Temple grounds unless they are ministering



in April, 6th, 1830 in Fayette, New York Joseph Smith founded the Church of Mormonism and would be head priest of the church, in 1831 the church would be moved to Kirkland Ohio then began to spread rapidly through out the eastern states. After Smith's death conflict arose between Americans and Mormons and Brigham Young would lead Mormons out of the current United States in to the Utah Territory in 1847. during the 2000's and late 2070's Mormon mission groups would reach out to Africa, Europe, and Australia. when the great war broke out the Mormons gathered at their Temples and Churchs to pray for safety, when the bombs fell, Salt Lake City was hit 13 times by nuclear weapons and fell to ruin, other Mormon Churches when impacted hard, except the Temple in Kona, Hawaii which was mostly left intact.


LDSA Templars

The LDSA is a militant group of Mormon pre-war Ghouls, and post-war converts, and other Mormons willing to serve the church. The Latter Day Saints of the Apocalypse began in the ruins of the Temple in Salt Lake City in 2135 and with taking back the Temple grounds and establishing radio connections with the other Temples. in the year 2281 Caesars Legion invaded the city, and ever since then the LDSA has been under the Legion.