Llamas are common livestock found in the Yellowstone Nations.


A majestic Llama in high pasture.

Physical Traits

Llamas are tall, furry creatures. They typically have a poor disposition, and can be difficult to raise. They thrive at high elevation, and many can be found wild in the mountains of the Yellowstone Nations. Like most prey animals in post-war America, Llamas have two heads.

Human Interaction

The most important resource the Llama provides is its wool. It is warm, can be spun into clothing, and is very valuable. Llamas can be slaughtered for meat as well, but this is usually only done in lean times. Nonetheless, the different Yellowstone Nations all have their own favorite traditional way to cook up a Llama. Llamas can also be milked, but as access to refrigeration is limited the milk is usually only consumed by the Llama herdsmen themselves. The milk can be fermented in an alcoholic substance known as Mountain Wine. It is an acquired taste.