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Lucky Foot Inn
Lucky foot
Organizational Information
Owned By:Chad Wickly
Manager:Elizibeth Holms
General Information
Location(s):Royal Protectorate of Tampico, The Royal Dominion, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Historical Information
Founded by:Chad Wickly
Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Tampico's center, the Lucky Foot has been offering a place to stay and relax for over three decades. Cozy, inviting, and well-appointed, it has been the home to many famous individuals for a night.


The Lucky Foot Inn was originally a private residence before the war, built by an upper-middle class executive. The radiation resulting from the Great War would empty the house, and it would sit abandoned for almost two centuries. It would be reclaimed by Arnold Harris in 2248, who began to restore it after registering with the zoning board. He would lose it in a card game in 2253 to Lawrence Neds, who in turn gave it to Chad Wickly to settle a debt. Seeing the building and walking through it, Wickly immediately saw the charm and potential.

He would hire several locals to add-onto and renovate the rooms, creating half a dozen more rooms and a smoking lounge. The Inn opened for business in 2256, and would be fully booked within the first week. The hotel would receive good word-of-mouth and return business, allowing Wickly to hire on another handful of employees and retire, checking in on it on occasionally. It remains a charming a pleasant stay without him, just as the staff intends.


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