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Biographical information

New York City, New York

Date of birth

June 10th, 2062

Physical description







115 lbs.

Eye color

Light green

Skin color

Light olive


New Yorkers


Mala is a ghoul living in New York City, ever since the bombs fell days before her family was supposed to register for their resident vault. Mala has lived the life of a scavenger for over 210 years in her home city, and has spent the recent years leading a band of people to build up the famous city to what it once was.


Mala Keyes was born on June 10th, 2062 in New York City, to Susan and Jack Keyes, both of whom were renowned politicians. Mala had a very privileged childhood as an only child, and she never felt anything but happiness and wealth during this period of time. She was a straight A student involved in various groups both inside and outside of school, and had an all-around perfect life. However, on October 23rd, 2077, while she was getting ready for an early Halloween party her friends were throwing, she overheard frantic talking in the other room. As she walked out into the living room, Mala only discovered the TV, which had been left on the news channel by her parents, before they had left for work. Picking up the remote to change it, Mala suddenly felt a massive shake that rumbled the massive high-rise building she was in. Looking out the window, Mala was horrified to see a massive mushroom cloud in the distance, and an even bigger cloud of searing temperatures and radioactive debris barreling towards her at incredible speeds. Mala barely had enough time to stumble under the kitchen table before her whole world went white.

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