The Mammoth Tribe is a tribe of Nocturnals based in and around Mammoth Cave. Known as hardened victims of the Natural Order and now a force bent on destroying humans in Bowling Green.

Mammoth Tribe
Political Information
Type of Government:Tribal Chiefdom
Group type:Tribe
Leader Title:Lord
Leader:Dalv Lee
Societal Information
Headquarters:Mammoth Cave
Location(s):Bowling Green
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:Destruction of human race in Bowling Green
Enemies:Natural Order
Status:Fighting Natural Order



The Mammoth Tribe was founded as a band of Nocturnals who settled in the area during the early 2160's after splitting from the main force that would become the Eagle Tribe. Nocturnals had a negative feeling towards humans from the start, calling them weaker and less civilized. The Tribe would take up jobs raiding villages and other forms of offenses on the Bowling Green area.

Aggression with Humans

The Tribe was very aggressive towards humans. Always taking up jobs to attack Bowling Green villages and eating them from time to time. This would further ramp up with the Nocturnal prejudice towards humans. Being the weaker, dumber, and smellier race. Nocturnals took joy in fighting humans. This would take a turn when the Natural Order fought back, defending Cavehill from a raid. After about a year of constant losses from the Order, the Tribe reeled back and moved on to different areas for work. Still operating out of Mammoth Cave.

The Siege

The cave was besieged by the Natural Order in 2259 by a much more aggressive Natural Order. The Order attacked in the night, when the Tribe was at their best and beat the group. This spun the whole region of Bowling Green into a large scale race war between the Tribe of Nocturnals and the human group of the Natural Order.


As of 2287, the Mammoth Tribe are actively fighting the Natural Order. No longer just fighting to maintain their own race, but to wipe out the humans too. Simply just to get some peace and quiet. There seems to be no end in sight. Just constant fighting until one race remains.