Marcus of Odessa
Alternate names:John Dornan
Date of birth:2241
Occupation:Legionary centurion
"The NCR is the scum of the Mojave. If you are a patron of the NCR, I have several sentries hidden around."
―Marcus commenting on the NCR
Marcus of Odessa, real name John Dornan, was a Legionary centurion at Littlewood Pass in 2281.


Marcus was born in Odessa, Texas in 2241. In 2251, at the age of ten, his father was murdered by raiders. When he was sixteen, his mother was attacked by thugs near Austin, Texas. She later succumbed to her injuries.

At the age of 32, Marcus started wandering the wasteland. A year after he started wandering, he found The Fort. After proving his skills by killing multiple slaves in the arena, Caesar made him a member of the Legion. Four years later, at the age of 36, he became a Centurion after killing multiple NCR captains and officers. In 2279, the Legion discovered Littlewood Pass, an NCR settlement. Marcus and a squadron of legionaries took over the settlement by killing all of the NCR soldiers and forced the settlers into slavery. However, during the commotion an NCR soldier, Andrew Peterson, shot Marcus in the chest. Though he was severely wounded, he survived. In 2280, Marcus defeated an entire NCR hit squad, but at the cost of an eye.

Marcus is now found in Littlewood Pass, where he commands twenty-seven legionaries.

He has mentioned that a radscorpion "took" his hand, and Caesar had a hook fashioned for him.


Marcus of Odessa wears a Crusader-esque helmet with several plumes in the top, as well as an eyepatch. He also wears unique armor. On the top, he appears to wear a cowl from a shirt that appears to say "Poseidon", which is inferred to be a Poseidon Oil or Poseidon Energy. He also wears a strap and a jacket, as well as torn robes and sandals. He also has a hook for a hand.

He uses a power-fist and in some cases a single shotgun.



"The NCR dogs can keep trying, but they know they can't win."
"Caesar may have his flaws, but that is what makes a man a man."
―When asked about Caesar's flaws
"You actually believe in the NCR? You foolish imbecile! You shall crumble at the wrath of the mighty Caesar!"
―When told that the NCR will crush the Legion
"Oliver, Crocker, Kimball; they're all self-centered idiots."
―When asked about the leaders of the NCR.