"I ain't servin' no fuckin' free-loaders, leas' o' all you!"
―Marian Lane
Marian Lane
Marian Lane
Date of birth:2223
Blood type:B-
Occupation:Owner of Sampson Hotel

Marian Lane is a long-standing resident of Swallow Hills and the owner of, arguably, the most important building of commerce in Swallow Hills - The Sampson Hotel. Being one of the oldest Human citizens in Swallow Hills, though not as old as Ghouls like Herman Long, Marian has become somewhat of an authority on Swallow Hills' economy, operating as perhaps the most respected and therefore listened to business owners in the post-war settlement


Born in The Hub in 2223, when the [[w:c:fallout:New California Republic|New California Republic] was just setting its roots, Marian was raised as the daughter of a low-class farmhand family in the employ of one of the powerful Brahmin barons of the period. Marian, as a child, soon became bored of the long hours, somewhat disheartened by her father and mother's struggle and toil in the fields to for a meager pittance. Nevertheless, she received a decent education in the NCR education system, until being withdrawn from the school system by her father to sustain the family following a severe decline in her mother's health. She was, for the rest of this time, home-schooled by her parents during her free time. By the age of 17, with her mother deceased from illness and her father killed by an ornery Brahmin bull, Marian sought adventure. Selling her families' shack, she left the territories of the growing New California Republic to seek her fortune.

The problem of this was that she soon lost nearly all of her caps on the road in California, with the loss of so many caps forcing her to take on the life of a scavenger less out of choice and more out of necessity. The once empowering and liberating feeling of being free to do as she pleased on the open road soon became a bitter past, with Lane forced to scour the ruins of old buildings and turn in salvage at meager rates, similar to the original wages her mother and father struggled on. Marian soon fell into the bartender business, relying on a developing charismatic streak that gradually came into being over time with every minute, hour and day passing whilst she worked as a bartender. After earning enough caps in one establishment, she would then leave and head to the next town, outpost or settlement and take up residence as a bartender, establishing herself as the most popular bartender in said location and making as many friends as she could, then gather a substantial amount of caps and leave for the next town. This formula worked, until 2256 where she came across the small but growing settlement of Swallow Hills.

Originally following the same method she always had, she worked in one of the old diners and made a few influential friends, namely those who had the ear of certain people. Herman Long was one of the people whom soon caught wind of her growing reputation as a reliable bartender, with Long approaching her when Lane was midway through her stay. Herman gave her an offer that Marian liked the sound of; purchase the old ruins of the currently abandoned Sampson Hotel and have a run of the place, paying off any debt incurred by the original purchase in installments. The old Ghoul's sales pitch worked, with Marian almost immediately quitting her job, gathering the caps together and purchasing the old building. Restoration work at first proved costly, with rubble and utterly destroyed furnishings quickly removed and replaced or repaired. The old theater was quickly turned into a bar and the rooms relatively cleaned out to be rented out. With this work complete, Marian officially opened the hotel. At first, business was slow and very little income was made, with the majority of income coming in going straight to paying off the installments she owed to Long. However, with her popular charisma and reputation as a barwoman now well-known, the hotel earned a steady trade. The money owed to Long, and by default the town, was repaid, much to the old Ghoul's satisfaction, and the hotel not only drew the attention of traders and settlers, but of colourful travellers from all over California; the poetry-reading Super Mutant Simon being one the more surprising patrons.

It got to the point where, by 2275, the middle-aged Marian began receiving payment to refer smaller businesses to patrons from said businesses to prevent a monopoly being created. With the arrival of the Luminate Tribe in 2282, Marian's influence grew as a result of her dealings with this tribe, hiring various members of the tribe as security for fellow businesses, staff members for her own operation at the Sampson Hotel and even, for the more physically endowed males and females of the tribe, whores for the more savvy customers with slightly different fetishes. With Lane becoming one of the most influential people in Swallow Hills, an uneasy rivalry between Long and Lane formed, with the former propped up only by the old guard of the town rather than the dwindling popular support he enjoyed, courted largely by the amnesiac propagandist radio disk-jockey, Hinge, whom threw bitter insults at Lane over the airwaves, though he often ended up in the Sampson Hotel's bar. Lane's influence continues to grow, with a power struggle becoming an inevitability, all the while Lane schmoozes her wealthy customers and kicks the slummies out.

A pretty good deal, in her own words.


"Ain't you got nothin' better to do?"
―Marian Lane
An unabashedly and unashamedly open and talkative woman, Marian has made many a patron to her establishment feel both welcome and respected - provided their caps are worth the trouble. Famous for her no-nonsense, sensible way of dealing with troublemakers, being both unafraid and able to pull a gun on particularly annoying patrons, she has made a name for herself as one of the toughest people living in Swallow Hills, with people affectionately as the "Tough Old Bitch".


"I've got's me a nice flower dress an' a big ass gun. What more could I need?"
―Marian Lane
  • Flower Dress: A once plain jacket that was embroidered by Marian with pieces of old curtain cloth, Marian has worn these rather frumpy rags from the Hub all the way to Swallow Hills, where she views it as a way of harkening back to the pre-war days of America, often times wistfully talking about an idealized version of the country in her more animated drinking sessions.
  • .32 Pistol: A .32 Pistol supposedly looted from a wrecked California Highway Patrol motorcade during her wandering days in the California wastes, Marian carries this small caliber pistol around at all times, considering it a suitable caliber weapon for general self-defense and a wiser, more compact alternative to the bulky 10mm N99 Pistol.
Swallow Hills, California
Southwest Commonwealth

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