Martin Bushwick
Martin Bushwick
Date of birth:2232
Date of death:2253

Once a bright and starry-eyed youth, Martin would become yet another victim of the "Old World Blues." Killing himself at the age of 21.


Martin was born to Lauren and Mathew Bushwick, a hard-working middle-class family in Tampico on April 9th, 2232. Growing up he showed a bright mind, and by the second grade was reading at a 4th-grade level. When he was a teenager, however, he started to grow reclusive, spending more time alone reading or out somewhere.

Whenever he was asked about his activities, he would give a vague answer and try to move the conversation on. On his sixteenth birthday, he was given a pre-war novel, describing the cities of Europe. He spent hours pouring through the pages and images, wishing he was there. He started to develop the Old World Blues as they were called and began secretly drinking.

He took menial jobs to support his habit, which had grown to two bottles of gin a day by 2253. On his twenty-first birthday that year, he awoke to feel utter misery. He believed he was worthless as the wasteland around him. He traveled to a tall hill near the city center and leaped to the street below. He died on impact, his body mentally scarring several passersby.


Martin originally was a friendly if a somewhat timid child. As he advanced through Puberty, however, he changed becoming more reserved. He would start to hide from friends and family, being caught up in past stories and places. He became dependent on Alcohol to function as a teen, and would grow more and more depressed until his death.