Marus Junius
Marus Junius
Date of birth:2260
Blood type:O+
Occupation:Legionary, decanus

An eager and devoted soldier, Marus is a young Decanus of Legate Jigatahi's Legion, ready to purge Boise of the filth in the name of Caesar.


Marus was born Tall Hen to the Sleep Valley tribe in what used to be Colorado. When he was five in 2265, the Legion came and conquered his tribe, and he was taken from his mother's arms to be trained. For the next nine years, Marus and dozens like him from many tribes went through a grueling regimen of physical exercise and constant praise in Caesar. His loyalty was first put to the test when he was fourteen, his decanum ambushing an NCR patrol on the eastern banks of the Colorado.

In the ambush, Marus was the one to take the Sergeant's head after he already killed two other legionaries. The Decanus was impressed with Marus' ability and lead him in many more attacks and raids. For their skill, his Decanum was selected to take part in the secondary campaign in Idaho, under Legate Jigatahi. His first encounter in Boise was an all out brawl against The Boise Boys that left the Decanus dead. The most experienced member of his decanum, Marus was chosen to replace him. In the five years since, he and his legionaries have fought everything the city had to throw at them and lived for the glory of Caesar. During the early 2280s, Marus, and his decanum was at the front of many battles, most notably the attack on the Immortals in 2283.


Marus wears his Decanus armor proudly against the enemies of Caesar. He uses his machete and Hunting Shotgun salvaged from a Brotherhood Knight to great effect in battle. He has taken to carrying chalk with him, both to send messages and to let others know the bull is there.


Marus is driven to serve Caesar as best he can and takes his orders without question. He is also driven by fear, a prime motivator for his efficiency. Having seen many officers killed for embarrassment and failure, he is constantly aware of his expendability. This has often caused Marus to lose sleep, as he awakens at every noise thinking it to be assassins. His sleep is often troubled by dreams of his tribe, which he has convinced himself are just dreams. As a result, he is often jumpy in his waking moments, often saving him in the ruins.