Based in a non-descript apartment building, Maury's is a craft studio, where weapons are made to the old ways. Making pikes that are as much art as violent, Maury is popular not only with Crime bosses and merchants, but collectors as well.

Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen - Smederij
Organizational Information
Owned By:Maury Galdonn
Manager:Maury Galdonn
General Information
Location(s):Iverness,Scotland,United Kingdom
Historical Information
Founded by:Maury Galdonn
Industry:weapons production


Maury Galdonn was born to a rural village in the highlands of Scotland. His people lived a simple agrarian lifestyle, though with some smiting capabilities. This was due to an old puddling furnance, salvaged from an iron working factory. Everyone was free to work at what they pleased as long as it contributed, but the polesman were always from the same bloodline.

They were responsible foe making the spears and pikes that the village defended itself with, passing down techniques from parent to child. The current polesman had no child however, being infertile from an early age. He continued in his work, but as his siblings had died of scarlet fever as infants, he knew he had no heir. Maury was working as a delivery boy, running bits to and from people that needed him. One of his trips took him to the poleman's, where he met Olway Glashword. The man asked him about his life, and seemed to like what he heard, offering the teen a job on the spot.

the youth of fourteen would then spend the next three years learning the craft, making different types of spears and pikes, learning what woods worked best for the handles. Olway deemed his training complete when the his apprentice turn eighteen and sent him off in the world to find his path. This struck many in the village as odd, but Olway had developed a Chem addiction, and didn't remember sending him off the day after. The young traveler found himself in Iverness in 2261, camping out in a small apartment building.

Young Maury discovered that his skills were in much greater demand than he could have imagined, so he began to make what pikes he could. His initial ones were crude, but they allowed him to buy better equipment, increasing the quality of the next batch. He sold these at first in bunches, supplying gangs as well as farmers with his weapons. After a particularly bloody murder however, he began selling them individually, and then only to seemingly up-right people. Criminals could still purchase them, but the roughest lowest-class were kept out, to the benefit of most. He has refined his craft over the two decades since opening, and Maury's is now a sought after location for those who prefer the old traditions.