Flag of Mexico
General Information
Location:North America
Establishment:September 16, 1810
Disestablishment:October 23, 2077
Population:Hundreds of thousands possibly a million or more
Current status:Nuclear Wasteland
"Poor Mexico - so far from God and so close to the United States."
Porfirio Díaz
The United Mexican States, more commonly known just as Mexico was the northernmost Latin American nation and a pre-War federal constitutional republic. A former colony of Spain, Mexico gained its independence in 1810 and over the next half century lost almost half of its land area in wars with Texas and The United States of America. In the half century before the Great War, American troops had been deployed in Mexico to secure its oil reserves while America placed sanctions on the country whose economy was devastated. Mexico was bombed in 2077 as the rest of the world was and plunged into a post-apocalyptic dark age.


Pre-War Nations

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