Tom Waits - Just The Right Bullets - The Black Rider

Tom Waits - Just The Right Bullets - The Black Rider

Mondnock Moot
Mondnock Moot
General Information
Location:Southwestern New Hampshire
Notable Individuals:
Factions:Witchmen Clerics
Notable events:Historical events
Current status:Inhabited

This tiny village, built upon along the western slope of Mount Monadnock represents the largest gathering of the insular, xenophobic Witchmen.


Terrible Secret of the Witchmen

Beneath the village proper in the bunker that holds their operating theater and equipment is a cold, unlit chamber with a morgue. This extravagance is necessary to the Witchmen for they sometimes need to refrigerate their corpses to keep the machinery within intact for recycling. Currently, however, the drawers are all occupied by the corpses of women from a time when the mutant race was called the Witchbreed. These bodies are the last generation of viable females, all of varying ages. The mutants noticed too late that by some quirk of genetics or fate, the last Witchbreed births were all male. The tribes and villages in the region have long forgotten that there were ever women counted among the Witchmen, for their rapacious slaving and kidnapping has been seared into their collective memory.


The village consists of a ring of quonset huts covered in sod, grass, and stone to help camouflage its presence. This ring is in turn surrounded by a wall of granite stones, scavenged from the ancient farm walls of the 18th century and carried up the mountainside. In the middle of the village common, a wooden pen secures the Witchmen's herd of mutant boars, hardy creatures whose goat-like constitution allows the Witchmen to use them as veritable garbage disposals. A radio mast is set outside the pen, though, as it is unlit, it's not easy to see from below.

The interiors of the huts are tidy and appointed with sturdy, Shaker-style furniture atop Persian rugs on plank floors. Each hut is equipped with a ham radio, an AN/PRC-77, as well as numerous radio receivers. One of the huts has a trapdoor, concealed beneath a rug leading to the small bunker that holds the operating theater where new Witchmen are made, along with their female prisoners.