Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium
Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium
General Information
Location:Montgomery, Alabama
Notable Individuals:Calavasa
Factions:Calavasa's Raiders
Notable events:Taken over by raider group headed by a psycho junkie named Calavasa in 2270.
Current status:Intact

The Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium is a building in the ruins of Montgomery, Alabama.

Early History

Riverwalk Stadium was founded in 2004, and was used as the home of the Montgomery Biscuits baseball team for many years. The building sustained minimal damage when bombs dropped in the Montgomery area during The Great War in 2077. The building remained as a ruin and symbol of old world sport. It was occasionally scavenged by prospectors (also known as "searchers" in the Montgomery area) until 2270, when a raider named Calavasa took over the building with his gang. The building was avoided by wastelanders, and became infamous in the Montgomery region.

2271 Attack

In 2271, a group of wasteland vigilantes calling themselves the "Montgomery Heroes" devised a plan to overtake the Riverwalk Stadium from Calavasa's gang of raiders. The Montgomery Heroes wanted to restore the building and turn it into a refugee camp where people from central Alabama could live in good conditions. The plan was finalized on February 2, 2271. Montgomery Heroes leader Levi Servya killed front entrance guards and entered the stadium. Fighting ensued, and many raiders and Montgomery Heroes alike were killed. Eventually, the greater in numbers Calavasa gang just barely defended their position at the stadium, leaving no Montgomery Heroes left.