Morgan City
Morgan City
General Information
Location:Acadiana, Louisiana
Establishment:1860 (Pre-War), 2243 (Post-War)
Notable Individuals:
Factions:The Architects, The Royaume
Notable events:?

Morgan City is one of the major communities under the aegis of The Royaume, and is ruled directly by the Comte de St. Martin, one of the kingdom's most highly ranked aristocrats. It has become a major privateer port in the region, home to several pirate hunters.


After Devereux and St. Just's mostly successful conquest of The Big Easy, they sought to use their momentum to take and tame the entire Acadiana. They tasked their trusted agent Daniau, one of the original Gendarmes, to take a section of Gendarmes and some willing colonists and create a permanent encampment on the remains of US-90, that a lifeline into the west might be established. Along with his soldiers and civilian colonists, a small group of Architects under the command of Junior Warden Munroe came along to provide their considerable expertise in construction, water management, and land reclamation. Based on old maps and then-current information, Daniau set out for Morgan City because he thought it would open up another market for Rafters traversing the Gulf.


Morgan City engages in some of the small-scale agriculture that many other wasteland communities do, but the limited amount of dry, arable land makes it a barely subsistence affair. Of greater prominence and importance is the fleet of antique shrimping boats that scour the waters of the gulf for marine life, and the seaweed farming operations that produce seaweed fertilizer that's sold well outside Louisiana. The assorted privateers who are based in Morgan City bring a lot of money that gets pumped into the local economy whenever they bag a bounty-head.


The city is still governed de jure by Daniu, the Comte de St. Martin; though his daughter Isabeau is the de facto ruler. Daniu is a somewhat exhausted recluse, still mourning the death of his son at the hands of Jean-Napoleon Arceneaux and the near civil war that ensued. There is still an outstanding bounty on the ruffian that the local privateers would only be too happy to collect.


Once surrounded by a number of distinct bodies of water, modern-day Morgan City is an island straddling the sides of US-90, which connects it to the mainland. The Architects have directed a small army of Royaume serfs in the construction of various structures that have allowed them to pump more and more ruined stretches of the city free from submersion. Some residents live outside these walls in houseboats. In fact, the Comte's primary residence is a well-preserved river boat.

The Royaume
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