"Spiritus intus alit."
―The motto of NCRPR: Spirit nourishes within
NCRPR is the bit of alphabet soup for both New California Republic Public Relations and New California Public Radio, which falls under its purview. NCRPR is the republic's civilian propaganda and psyops agency. They're responsible for the production of pamphlets, posters, radio programming, songs, and other media intended to improve the republic's image at home and abroad, as well as keeping the morale of the military high. Most of its operations and employees are based in the restored California Crest Movie Studio.

Notable Staff




  • Eureka! (2139-2256)
  • Good Morning, California (2186-2296)
  • The Adventures of Marty and Stu (2261-2264)
  • And Here's Maxson With the Weather
  • The Adventures of the Vault 14 Explorers (2276-)
  • Cat Chat (2277-2280)
  • Our Mission in the Mojave (special broadcast in 2280)
  • Taming the East
  • Tales of the Old North


  • Home Coming (2267, unofficially distributed among military)
  • A Passionate Liberation (2268, unofficially distributed among military)

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