NCR Air Force Base 'Rad-Scorpion'
NCR Air Force Base 'Radscorpion'
General Information
Location:North East of The Hub
Current status:Active

NCR Air Force Base 'Radscorpion', often commonly known as NCRAF 'Radscorp' by regular NCR Army units, was one of the largest airports in use by the NCR Air Force following it's reconstruction and recapture in 2193 from raiders.


Prior to the war, the airport was used as a simple leisurely flying school that was relatively popular in California and gained moderate success. During the Great War a good number of planes were destroyed when their owners either attempted to escape or were simply crushed under debris falling on top of them in their hangars.


Following the Great War, it was transformed into a raider hub used for the transportation of slaves, firearms and narcotics. It gained a large amount of notoriety among settlers until the formation of the New California Republic in 2186. The NCR, with ambitions of forming it's own strong force, attacked the air base on-and-off for eight years before finally succeeding in capturing the airbase. However, at the time, the NCR lacked anything that even resembled a minor air force. Therefore the air base was relegated to a storage depot. When the NCR Air Force was founded around the 2260s, however, it was finally restored to a working airport and was used to support ground troops with supplies and service any air vehicles the NCR had. It was a relatively small and undefended airbase, however, due to it's proximity to The Hub and troops were generally found to be taking a relatively relaxed and thinly-veiled cocksureness that left many of them complacent with the slow and dull way of life on the air base.