The NCR Armed Forces was the name commonly given to all forces of the military of the New California Republic. The units stood as the defense force of the NCR and the largest known armed force in the post-nuclear United States.


It was formed sometime in the 2200's and by 2241 was the largest standing force in the post-war United States of America. It initially comprised of solely infantry battalions but had expanded to accommodate vehicles, Special Forces, and other units, including an Airborne division, sturdy vehicles were few and far between, with airworthy transport being even rarer, these services were special operations capable.

NCR Army

1st Specialized Regiment

  • 1st Battalion (NCR Recon)
  • 4th Battalion (Rangers)
  • 31st Company (Heavy Infantry)

2nd Infantry Regiment

  • 2nd Battalion (Infantry)
  • 3rd Battalion (Infantry)
  • 6/7th Battalion (Infantry)
  • 8th Battalion (Infantry)
  • 10th Battalion (Infantry)
  • 12/13th Battalion (Infantry)
  • 16th Battalion (Infantry)
  • 17th Battalion (Infantry)
  • 23rd Battalion (Infantry)

3rd Heavy Regiment

  • 5th Battalion (Mechanized)
  • 66th Battalion (Minesweepers)
    • 83rdth Company (EOD)
  • 20th Battalion (Field Artillery)
    • 15th Company (Field Artillery)

4th Central Land Regiment

  • Armed Forces Head Quarters Command
    • 99th Operational Training Company
      • 100th Basic Training Battalion

Bases & Fortifications

Noteworthy Personnel


  • Cade Isaac - 1st Recon, listed MIA.
  • Charles Brick - Second Lieutenant, 10th Battalion (honorably discharged).
  • Jay Frost - Veteran Ranger, a survivor of both conflicts at Hoover Dam.
  • Marcus Cheyvak - Air Chief, one of the most renown and inspirational members of the NCR.
  • Marshall Braxton - 1st Recon, deployed alone to combat raiders.
  • Maurice Azzolini - Warrant Officer, earned the first Golden Winged Cross.
  • Ryan Peck - NCR Army grunt of the 6/7th Battalion turned Special Operations and Reconnaissance Squadron Commando and Commander.
  • Salizar Contreras - Veteran Scout, holds the record for NCR's longest confirmed sniper kill.