"How do you do folks? Are you run down, sad, hearing the angels telling you to burn things? Well we here at nate's normals can take care of all that using high-frequency magnetic-resonence on your old noodle there. So come on by, and you too can be thinking clearly.""
―Ad heard on 701 Tall Town
Nate's Normals
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Organizational Information
Owned By:Nate Haldon
Mission Statement:To heal the ill, one mind at a time
General Information
Location(s):Tall Town, Badlands Territory
Historical Information

A recent arrival to the Badlands Territory, Nate Haldon has been operating a clinic in Tall Town for the help of the mentally unsound. It is unknown where the equipment and money comes from, but some point to a hidden player.


Nate Haldon appeared in Tall Town one morning in April of 2283. He had only a briefcase with him but claimed to be one of the top professionals in his field, better trained than that Quack in Timber Lake. He claimed to be seeking to set up a clinic in the area, and was shown around by members of the New-Merican Society. He settled on an old auto-repair garage near Smithsforge. He would board up the structure before disappearing for the next three months.

He reappeared in July as suddenly as he had left, this time with three wagons of machines and half a dozen hands. The newcomers set-up quickly and began treatment by September. They would gain fame with their low price for the afflicted as well as their charity work, most notably their healing of an ANA trooper's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They would see a gradual decline as they only had to treat most cases once, and so bought airtime during Richard Morose's popular radio program to attract more clients. Since then they have been busy with their work, and try to keep a low profile in the town's politics.

Activites & Interests

Nate and his staff seem to genuinely care for the mental health of the area, and they will gladly treat anyone who needs it. They claim to have been trained by the Followers in Fort Angel, but this latter group has never heard of them. It has also been noted by some residents of Tall Town that a runner leaves the clinic every three weeks, returning two nights later. They are almost universally above suspicion due to their charity however, especially their free treatment for the men of the ANA.