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Nathaniel Dewitt
Date of birth:12/30/2218
Height:5'10 in
Mass:160 lbs
Ethnicity:White/Asian mix
Occupation:Archery, leader of the USDW
Status:retired to McCory, Arkansas

Nathaniel Dewitt a post war Memphian, and Head of Congress of the USDW, and a good archer.

Birth and Childhood

Nathaniel was born in December 30th of 2218 to his parents Ben and Peggie Dewitt and was first born of four, Nathaniel would be rather calm and timid in his infancy and very active. Nathaniel when four would begin changing in maturity and become the average in his young age as a rambunctious, hyper, boy. Nathaniel by the age of seven would start learning archery, and by age eight he would begin doing it for sport and hunting.

Teenage Pre-War