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Nathaniel Dewitt
Date of birth:12/30/2218
Height:5'10 in
Mass:160 lbs
Ethnicity:White/Asian mix
Occupation:Archery, leader of the USDW
Status:retired to McCory, Arkansas

Nathaniel Dewitt a post war Memphian, and Head of Congress of the USDW, and a good archer.


Nathaniel was born on December 30th of 2218 to his parents Ben and Peggie Dewitt and was first born of four, Nathaniel was calm and timid in his infancy and very active. Nathaniel when four would begin changing in maturity and become the average in his young age as a rambunctious, hyper, boy. when Nathaniel was six he would become a Christian. Nathaniel by the age of seven would start learning archery, and by age eight he would begin doing it for sport and hunting.

Nathaniel growing up as a teen was self-taught most things like using melee weapons and using a rifle. When Nathaniel was fifteen he would move to 51 and join the armed forces Nathaniel would improve and become useful to their army, during 51's war with a big raider group Nathaniel would help liberate the old Arlington school and meet Cailey Rider, Nathaniel soon fell in love with Cailey and by age eighteen would get married to Cailey. When Nathaniel was nineteen they would have their first son Nathaniel Jr. and later that year they would have their girl twins Arkansas and Alice

Nathaniel by age twenty would lead the 51 armed forces to victory against the Reformed Confederacy, by the end of the war Nathaniel would find the Mayor of 51 impeached upon his return and he would be granted the role of acting mayor. Nathaniel gathered the leaders of the allied settlements and offered a union to the leaders with them still acting as officials of said settlements, the majority agreed with Nathaniel and the USDW was formed, Nathaniel would be Head of Congress and become Commander of the Congressional Army, Nathaniel's main goal was: create a almost pre-war nation for his people. Nathaniel chose to have every Head of Congress to serve ten-year terms with three terms the maximum, Nathaniel would serve two terms as Head of Congress and one term as Commander of the Army for his first term until his left eye was gouged out by a Super Mutant in the Battle of Arlington. Nathaniel after the battle of Arlington would spend more time with his friends, family, and people of his government

Characteristics and Personality

Nathaniel has always been a calm and quieter person than others in the wasteland