Navis Damnatorum
Navis Damnatorum
General Information
Location:The Pacific Ocean, near the West Coast

Spotted infrequently by citizens of the NCR along the West Coast, and any others who happen to get a glimpse of the fabled floating wreck, Navis Damnatorum, The Ship of the Damned, is a mysterious aircraft carrier which survives still from the Great War.

Ship of the Damned

On October 22nd, 2077, the crew of the United States aircraft carrier Damnation were ordered to attack China with everything in their arsenal. Sending squadrons of fighters to attack the Communists, they were left almost defenseless when a Chinese nuclear submarine attacked them. Due to mechanical failures aboard the Chinese submarine, however, the sub exploded and rained nuclear debris on the crew of the Damnation. Those on deck were killed almost instantly due to the intense levels of radiation. All other members of the crew quickly donned hazmat suits to save themselves. Upon witnessing the massive explosions brought about by the nuclear bombs, the US was throwing at China, the Captain of the aircraft carrier turned the ship around and set course for the US. The Hazmat suits were experimental test suits given to select naval ships from Big Mountain. Designed to allow for complete aquatic immersion, the suits were created to fail after a short time. Residual radiation from the Chinese sub and the spreading radioactive fallout in the worlds oceans began the inevitable process of ghoulification upon the entirety of the crew. Much like the Ghost People of the Sierra Madre, the crew was trapped inside their hazmat suits as they turned. The entire crew of the Damnation retained their full mental capacity, however, continuing to keep the aircraft carrier going. They now roam the seas, destroying anything they come across and using the scraps to maintain their floating fortress.


Long believed to be nothing but rumor, sightings of the fabled Ghost Ship of the Pacific were few and far between until 2263. Sightings became more frequent, but were disregarded as the Legion began to materialize in the East. In 2276, a year before the battle of Hoover Dam, Nero Lupis, a legionary disguised as a courier, one of the frumentarii, made his way to the Pacific Ocean. Sighting the Damnation, he reported it to Caesar, who took it as being of little importance. Nero was so disturbed by the ship however, it became his obsession. Naming it Navis Damnatorum, the Ship of the Damned, he returned to the West Coast to hunt for the ghost ship in 2278. The ship also caught the attention of the Brotherhood of Steel, attracting notice for the potential of long-lost technologies. In 2279, Senior Paladin Michael Vorsen and his team met Nero and began working together to hunt down the Ship of the Damned.