Pauline 'Pantsdown' - I Dont Like it

Pauline 'Pantsdown' - I Dont Like it

New Australian Defence League
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Political Information
Type of Government:Military Dictatorship
Group type:Paramilitary
Leader:Prime Minister Damon "Daymo" Rinehart of the Rinehart Dynasty
Motto:"Protecting Australia from Sharia Law"
Societal Information
Headquarters:Melbourne, Victoria
Population:60 Personnel, 97 Citizens
Historical Information
Founded by:The Great Patriot Shane Rinehart
Policy Information
Goals:"To defend Australia from Sharia Law"
Enemies:Reclaimed Republic of Australia
Status:active and thriving
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"Ban Islam"
―Unofficial mantra of the New Australian Defence League

The New Australian Defence League is a paramilitary group that has claimed a fair portion of the Melbourne and southern Murray-Darling region, bent on "preserving Australian culture" whilst ridding their conquered lands from the mysterious threat of Sharia Law.

Formed from the whittled away remains of the Victorian Police Force, ASIO, and the Australian Government itself, its ranks have since become a far-right ultranationalist group, slightly shifting its position away from its former duty as general lawmaking and law enforcing arms of the Australian State.