New Mexican Army
New Mexican Army Flag
Political Information
Group type:Army
Leader Title:Generalissimo
Leader:Madero Huerta
Societal Information
Location(s):El Distrito Central, Chihuahua
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:Control over Chihuahua
Allies:Aztecas Energy, traders
Enemies:Esqueleto, Comancheros, raiders
The New Mexican Army is the army of el Distrito Central and is currently under the control of Madero Huerta, "Strongman of Chihuahua". The army only serves Huerta and will go to any length to obey him.


Formed in 2260 as the protectors of the people of Distrito Central, the New Mexican Army turned their guns on their own citizens after the Christmas Eve Purge of 2267. They have been Madero Huerta's weapon of choice ever since, serving as an iron boot on raiders, chem cartels, and the population of Chihuahua City.

Currently, the New Mexican Army is embroiled in the War on Chems, a street to street battle for control of Distrito Nuevo against chem dealers and political dissidents. Madero's current second-in-command, Alvaro Díaz, is elbow deep fighting the Narco-Republican Movement, tracking down the remnants of el Ojo de Águila, and looking over his shoulder to avoid being purged.


The New Mexican Army is the best trained and disciplined fighting force in the Chihuahua wasteland, but can also be subject to the vices they attempt to stem. Corruption can go up to highest ranks, but the Generalissimo periodically holds "purges" to cleanse the corruption from his army. This keeps the higher ranking officers of the New Mexican Army in a constant state of fear, and this shows sometimes on the battlefield.

Notable Members

  • Generalissimo Madero Huerta
    • Colonel Alvaro Díaz
    • Colonel Enriqué o'Neill (deceased)
    • Major Andre Oso
    • Captain Jenaro Victorino (deserted)



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