New Albany
General Information


New Albany, across from the Kentucky city of Louisville was part of the metro council and a suburb of the city. When the bombs dropped, fires consumed Louisville and most of its Kentucky side partner cities. New Albany went into silence over the next few weeks, with people too scared or dead to go outside. Radiation went rapidly into the population of the city, killing a major portion of its citizens and creating a ghoul population.


The skies dimmed with fire, and the sounds of cracking buildings from Louisville roared over the city, the screams of people ringed throughout the city while looking for Friends and family. Maxwell's recordings tell his stories in " Day After" that his wife and children died just last night, as well with his family on the other side of the city. He also records that all of the cities government was dead, the Mayor and the Chief of Police. No cars were running, and guns shot ranged drought the city. The town of forty thousand was down to nearly a sickly two thousand humans and three thousand ghouls, many feral.

Natl's Government

Maxwell recorded that a man named Marcus Natl had gathered a group of men outside the city, in Floyd's Nobs, where he secured a mansion overlooking the City. Natl declared that solidarity must come to Floyd County. Natl began all out oppression against any other group trying to take control over the city.

Natasha's Gang

Natasha Dillinger had begun an inner-city group of predominately African Americans to loot and raid the cities reaming shops, they took control over the downtown area beside the river. Natasha's gang looted the Police Department, taking almost all of the Police's Units heavy weaponry.

New Dawn

Natasha's Gang and Natl's group of men battled for supremacy till the end, with both losing major amounts of men. In the end, Natl's Gang and Natl's battle group declared a truce to the skirmish and decided to allow Natasha's gang to become a new Corporation in control of the Horseshoe Casino in New Albany, and allowing Natl's group to take control over the city's government.

Current Situation

New Albany has become the main hub for the Kentuckian and declared its new name as being 'Newer Albany'. The city is situated on the side of the Ohio River and owns five water purification plants that are run by the remaining coal from the local power plants.

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