Northwestern Corridor
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General Information
Population:Several Thousand
Current status:Warzone
"If there's a good place to not be, it's the Northwestern Corridor. You've got the Confederates in the north, the Bandoleros in the south and the 33rd running all over the place along with every two-bit pistol jockey south of Dallas. They've been fighting over it for decades and by the time they're all done, there won't be anything left for the victor to have"
Jean-Napoleon Arceneaux.
Among the most dangerous places in Northern Mexico is the strip of former municipalities in Tamaulipas nicknamed the Northwestern Corridor. Called so for its location, it runs from the former municipality of Gustavo Diaz in the south to Nuevo Laredo in the north. Narrow as it is, the strip is highly contested for its proximity to the border and due to the aggression of its occupants. Civilization and diplomacy here are conducted at the muzzle of a pistol and the tip of a knife as many use these tools to change that while others seek to keep the bloody status quo.