Old Tampa Bay Trading Post
General Information
Location:Tampa, Florida
Notable Individuals:H.R McGovern

Rosemary McGovern

Notable events:
Current status:Active trade post.

Outside of the ruins of Tampa and its various communities sits the small trading post of H.R McGovern, set upon the old cement supports of a long since collapsed bridge, the trading post can only be accessed by boat, The post is a popular stop for merchants going into trade in Tampa while moving along the Gulf Belt and much of its merchandise comes from transactions with said merchants.


In 2270 the young McGovern couple stepped off a boat that they had taken from their homes in Destin, Florida in order to escape the violence that had followed the collapse of the Kingdom of Two Princes. Upon arriving in Tampa they found a city full of diverse communities of Cubans and Italians alongside Rafter and merchant communities. The whole areas was constantly alive as merchants from all over came into Tampa Bay to trade with said communities as they plied along the Gulf Belt, wanting to capitalize upon the thriving trade route, H.R and his wife; Rosemary set out to setup a trade post where they could make a living hawking goods to the various merchants that came along the Belt. However many of the communities that sat along the ocean coast or in Tampa Bay itself and most already had large trading consortiums that dominated the markets in those respective communities, thus they looked for other options.

It was while he was out looking into buying a spot in the floating town of St. Johns that H.R spotted one of the old cement pillars sticking out of the ground where the I-275 highway bridge once stood. There on top of the pillar sat the remains of an old pre-war bus, long since rusted over from years of exposure to sea spray. It was here that the McGoverns decided to setup their trading post, at first only selling meat from animals they had caught in the bay but later as merchants began to trade some of their items for food, it was after the McGoverns had traded a large supply of their meats for a small water water purifier that the shop began to offer purified water, free of salt and harmful fallout. Eventually the trading post became a popular stopping point for many merchants plying the waters in Tampa Bay.

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