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"Rochester is for us, who don't know it at all, a city of any time or country, moonlight, filled with lovers hoving over piano-fortes a city of handsome streets wrapt in beautiful quiet and dreaming of the golden age."
―William Dean Howells

The Ontario Wasteland is a region that mainly consists of the former Monroe County in New York, and it's seat, Rochester. The region is a dim light of hope for wastelanders travelling through the former Finger Lakes region in New York. Over time, the Ontario Wasteland has stagnated a bit, and with groups like The Causeway rising up to power, the region has gotten a tad bit more interesting.


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Free Republic of Ontario

A small nation located west of the Ontario Wasteland that has been expanding it's borders into the wasteland ever since 2277. The Free Republic of Ontario has claimed the settlement of Eastroc as a major city in the nation.

New Rochester

A city-state founded by the descendants of the vault dwellers from Vault 115, New Rochester has been one of the most technologically advanced cities in the Ontario Wasteland, with it's technology comparable to Vault City in the New California Republic.

The Causeway

A group of ghoulified U.S Air Force members that were once stationed at the Hilton Radar Array, a tracking station to determine the orbits of Chinese military satellites. The Causeway seeks to destroy most of the populace of the Ontario Wasteland, and repopulate it with their own brethren.


One of the most dangerous raider groups in the Ontario Wasteland, the RPD is based off of the late police group of the same name, with them faking arrests of random wastelanders, then proceeding to loot them, and then either killing them or drowning them in the Genesee River.

Sons of The Devil

A deadly sight in the Ontario Wasteland, the Sons of The Devil are the remnants of the various biker gangs that once thrived in pre-war Rochester. With their headquarters located in the Scrapyard, it caused one of the most nasty raider gang wars in the Ontario Wasteland, with the Sons of The Devil fighting against the RPD.

Junkyard Dogs

A group of mercenaries and raiders that are batshit insane. They kill for fun, and have a high amount of explosives in their arsenal. The Junkyard Dogs, however, are equally as dangerous to themselves to their enemies

Followers of Westman

A insane cult stationed in the ruins of the Codac Tower in The Scrapyard, the Followers of Westman worship Codac, and cameras. The Followers of Westman are mostly harmless unless provoked, mainly caused by entering their sanctuary, the Codac Tower.