Scott Walker - Rosemary

Scott Walker - Rosemary

"Star Father save us from narcissistic writers."

Patricia "Patty" Featherstone (2245-Present) is a radio engineer as well as an occasional broadcaster and voice actress at NCRPR. She is a practicing Hubologist, and contributes a portion of her paycheck to the church regularly. She became a minor celebrity as one of the two actresses voicing the character of Molly in The Adventures of Marty and Stu as a teenager in the 2260s. This prominence led to a brief fast track in her religion's hierarchy, leading to her becoming AHS-4 at a relatively young age. She genuinely pursues alignment of her neurodynes for the uplifting, and believes that some of her coworkers are Oppressives, but she's not such a zealot that she doesn't perceive corruption and hypocrisy within the upper echelons of the church.

Spying for the Church

After attaining AHS-4 status, Patty was approached by AHS-7 who requested that she clandestinely report on the inner workings of the NCRPR. She's provided profiles on many of the staffers there. Excerpts from the compiled dossier include:

  • Amos Hennigan: Egomaniac womanizer. Creative but everything's for sale. Could be approached for propaganda work on a contract basis but he is absolutely oppressive.
  • Charles Brick: Misogynist. Enclave and Brotherhood sympathizer. His politics can be summed up as "kill the poor if they get uppity and kill tribals if they don't agree to dress up and become wage slaves."
  • Edward Higgins: Drunk and junkie, at best. It's difficult to imagine a world where there isn't a string of shallow graves containing animals and vagrants he encountered between his Podunk hometown and the NCRPR studios. He's here solely at the insistence of Amos Hennigan, I suspect the two have made snuff films.



"We're doing it again!, and get it right this time!"
Amos Hennigan after the 47th take.
"Everything about Patricia is suited for radio. She's done very well here."
Charles Brick