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Peg Roller Derby League
Organizational Information
Owned By:split between the players
Incorporation Status:sports association
Manager:Mary Knelton
Mission Statement:promote respectful competition
General Information
Location(s):The Peg, Manitoba, Canada
Historical Information
Status:bumping and gliding
A surprisingly civilized and organized association, The Peg Roller Derby League has swept the city by storm, with exhibitions often packed full. This pleases not only the players, but the staff of Skiball as well, who have an exclusive contract with the league.


The Roller Derby was originally formed as an all female scavenger gang, who often ventured outside the walls. On one particularly deep raid into the city centre, the ladies breeched a sporting goods store, finding only the metal goods had survived the passage of time. Not to be deterred, the scavengers would take what they could, which mainly consisted of roller skates and aluminum baseball bats.

The bats they managed to sell after visiting several shops, but found no one was interested in the skates, even if the wheels remained miraculously unrusted. Several members would begin to play with them, quickly learning to balance. Most members would get a turn at the skates over the next few days, which also coincided with the discovery of a bag of pre-war books, most of which were intact. One of these would show women on roller skates like theirs, and described a sport called Roller Derby.

Some of the group would start to play the game, and became somewhat talented in it within a few weeks. They would try and organize a full game but would have trouble finding a location large enough to accommodate them. They would find a suitable spot in June of 2277, and they would be there most days for the rest of the month. They would start to draw a crowd as word spread of women skating about, one of whom was inspired. Mary Knelton would start to talk to the other women and by mid-july would convince them to practice full time.

This would deplete their meager reserve of funds and frustrate some, before Knelton told them that they were going to charge the spectators to watch them play, which many members laughed at. The plan would work though, as many of the regulars were more than willing to spend two Ring-pulls each. After buying a hearty meal, The women would then discuss what to do next. Most would scoff at the idea of returning to scavenging, but few really thought they could skate for a living. Knelton would be determined to prove this latter group wrong, and hired several laborers to fix their ring and add a small fence around it. This would complete the renovation of the first park in the Peg. Here the women would practice daily while organizing when they would hold their next match.

They would decide on August and organize into teams for the event, one of which would become a permenant team. This match would attract a larger turnout than the first, and the Ring-Pulls they made allowed them to eat comfortably through Frost. They would hold their first match of 2279 on March 19 after promoting heavily. This would be the first match with fixed teams, as the league has worked on it's bylaws that winter. The match would draw a large crowd and kick-off a year of games, organization and occasional fights for the league. A sudden thunderstorm in June would point out the disadvantages in their outdoor track, and the ladies began looking for an alternative location.


The league currently has six teams with eight players each, as well as a handful of 'officials' to act as referees and arbitrators. The teams are;

  • Gerta's Gunnerz- lead by and named for their captain, a gen. 1 Super Mutant, the Gunnerz are one of the more popular teams in the league, due to their theatrical performances and antics on the track, as well as their tendency to get into fights off of it.
  • The Scary Reds- a more divisive team, the Reds are composed of women supposedly from Russia, most of whom also sport fiery hair. Their tight leather uniforms prove popular to most, though some see their "communism" as part of the reason Canada was bombed.

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